Where We Have Been

We've been fortunate to have travelled and lived in a few countries around the world.  This blog chronicles the last few years of travelling and living that we've undertaken together.

Listed below are links to the posts which appear in our blog according to each country.  These lists update whenever we add a new post to the blog.

We've visited Sydney, Cairns and Port Douglas together, and lived in Melbourne for a year.

J's home country, and a place where we visit friends and family.  We've also lived in Berlin for a few months at a time on 3 occasions.

We spent 2 weeks here in August 2008, before the economic crash.  By the time we left, we were nearly bankrupt as Iceland did all it could to part us with our money.  It didn't stop us from having a great time in this amazing country.  M would love to go back to photograph in winter, but would have a very hard time convincing J that it needed to be done!

New Zealand
M's adopted home, having been born in the Fiji Islands and arriving in NZ at the age of 15.  We don't get back to New Zealand as often as we would like.  The tyranny of distance didn't stop the cavalier, but it does prevent us from travelling to the Antipodes more than we do.

Oman and the Musandam
The places we went to so that we could reconnect with our souls.  Travelling through Oman is a joy and privilege that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Our Blog Posts about Oman and the Musandam

Where we now live.  We love Barcelona and she has opened her arms to us.  We're working on making it a place to stay.  So much more for us to explore in this hugely diverse land.

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates
A special place for us as we lived there for 3 years.  It was fun to watch the place grow.  When we needed to escape from all the traffic, chaos and construction, we drove into Oman or visited the other 6 emirates in the UAE.

United States of America
Most of our time here has been because of business trips.  We can't recall a trip that we have taken there in the last 7 years that wasn't based on commercial reasons!

Other Countries
Including places like Japan, Mauritius, Canada, Greece, Switzerland and France.  This category will continue to grow as we add more images and stories from our times spent in these countries and others such as Jordan and the Maldives.  Hopefully, new countries will be added too!